Rigging Services in Grantville and Central PA

Dealing with heavy and sensitive equipment gets dangerous. Recruiting a team of experienced individuals is imperative for both safety and quality. C & D Rigging, Inc. has made a reputation for being among the best in its class for these services.

Millwright- Grantville, PA- C&D Rigging , Inc.

About Us

C & D Rigging, Inc. is Grantville’s go-to company for rigging, millwrighting, and steel erecting. Since our start in April 2013, we have committed ourselves to providing Central Pennsylvania with quality services. Is your job site suffering from an emergency breakdown? We specialize in quick turnaround times, even if the job is unscheduled. We understand how drastically an emergency breakdown can set a job back, so we address these problems within a few hours of an initial phone call.

Rigging Services

We handle every step of the rigging process, from the conceptual stage to planning, design, and execution. Our riggers can efficiently handle both installations and removals of any type of machinery, light or heavy. Some of our past projects include a large transport for Standard Steel equipment, the transport of a full-size caboose for Hershey, PA, and the demolition of the Armstrong silo.

As far as steel erection goes, we specialize in pre-engineered, metal, and structural services. Some of the specific jobs we tackle include transporting and placing equipment platforms, industrial plant towers, handrails, stairways, and completing certified welding and rigging work.

Industrial Rigging

Our industrial rigging crews work tirelessly to give our customers the best experience and customer service possible. Some of our industrial rigging services include working with presses, lathes, milling, and industrial equipment; shipping services and coordination; packing, moving, rigging and skidding; and production lines and packing.

If you are in the market for rigging, millwrighting, or steel erection services, give us a call or stop by our office for a consultation.