Safety Committee Certificate- Grantville, PA- C&D Rigging


Purpose —The purpose of the C&D Rigging Safety Committee is to provide an avenue for all C&D Rigging, Inc. employees to contribute to work place safety in hope of achieving and maintaining a safe, healthfull work environment.

Goal —The goal of the C&D Rigging Safety Committee is to eliminate workplace incidents and illnesses by involving employees and managers in identifying hazards and suggesting ways to eliminate and prevent them from occurring. This can be facilitated by reviewing incidents, identifying root causes of incidents and suggesting ways to prevent future incidents.

Objectives— The C&D Rigging Safety Committee has four objectives:

  • Provide measures for employee involvement in achieving a safe, healthful working environment.
  • Promptly review all safety-related incidents, injuries, accidents, illnesses and deaths.
  • Conduct monthly, or as needed, workplace inspections, identify hazards and recommend methods for eliminating or controlling hazards. Establish procedures to ensure follow-up and closure for all reported hazards.
  • Annually evaluate the C&D Rigging Safety Committee work place safety and health program and recommend improvements to management.

Representatives —The C&D Rigging Safety Committee will have committee members representing employees and employer. The committee wil be comprised of at least four committee members at all timeS and shall not contain more employer representatives than employee representatives at any time. Employee representatives can volunteer for committee service or can be elected by their peers. Employer representatives can be appointed by the employer. Employee representatives will serve a continuous term of at least one year. Employer representatives can be rotated onto the committee as business needs dictate. To ensure at least one experienced representative serves on the committee at all times, it may be advised to stagger the terms of the members.